Window Cleaning & Car Detailing Commercial Water Filter Spot Free Rinse

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Window Cleaning & Car Detailing Commercial Water Filter Spot Free Rinse

Quick Overview
  • Commercial Car Detailing & Window Cleaning Water Filter
  • Spot Free Rinse - 0 TDS Water
  • More Effective than Reverse Osmosis & Distilled Water
  • TDS & EC monitoring with adjustable limits
  • Real Time Flow Rate Monitor + Flow Total Volume
  • Flow from 3 - 100 L/Min | Flow Total up to 999,999.9L
  • High Capacity 4 Kg (5.5L) Mixed Bed DI Resin
  • High Flow Coconut Carbon Pre-Filter
  • WaterMark Certified Housings - Stainless Steel Joiners

Spot Free Rinse Commercial Water Filter

Superseding the old FSA “De-Min” Window Cleaning Kit, the GT1-100 Car Detailing System will remove TDS from water, providing De-Ionised Water.

DI water is sought after for several uses due to its 0-mineral content. The most common use is for spot free window cleaning and car detailing.

0 TDS water will provide a Spot Free Rinse for cars and windows as there are no residuals in the water after the water evaporates. Having a Spot Free Rinse will eliminate the need to use a squeegee or chamois to remove excess water from a surface to avoid scale marks and staining.

Our system uses a 3-stage design, with a 10” x 4.5” Coconut Carbon Pre-filter, and 2x DI Cartridges. The Pre-Filter will provide Chlorine free water for 45,000L @ 7.5L/Min and is capable of a peak flow rate that covers all types of Pressure cleaners up over 20L/Min

The inlet of the system is a 1” BSP female Port making adaptation simple and quick. This allows the system to be used in a permanent fixed location for car detailers or car washes, or in a portable scenario on a trolley, using hose fittings to connect.

The inbuilt TDS monitor eliminates the guess work from operating the system. It provides on time, on demand read outs of the outgoing TDS of the system. It can be set to different TDS levels and has an audible alarm to notify the user when the TDS increases passed the desired level.

Having an inline TDS meter affixed to the system can increase the yield of the DI resin as you can adjust the flow rate nearing the end of the DI life and still produce 0TDS water by determining a critical flow rate.

The Water that is produced by this system is in most cases better than commercially produced distilled water and even better than reverse osmosis which will retain a residual mineral content after filtration.

With DI water, the lower the flow rate the better. For this reason, when a Spot Free Rinse is required, we recommend limiting the flow rate to 7L/Min or less which matches the minimum flow rate of common pressure cleaners such as Gerni’s.

DI Resin is available in our store by the bag (25L / 18.75Kg)

Kit Contains

  • 10" x 4.5" 100% Coconut Carbon Pre-Filter 5 Micron
  • 20" x 4.5" De Ionising Resin Cartridge x2 (4.2Kg Resin in Total)
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Bracket
  • 2x Working Pressure Gauges
  • Inline Combined TDS/EC Monitor & Flow Meter
  • Opening Wrench


  • High Flow 3/8” Lines – Suitable for use with pressure washers
  • Spot Free Rinse 0 TDS Water
  • Removes salts, minerals and hardness from water.
  • High Capacity Resin – 4Kg = 5.5L Of Resin
  • Pre-Carbon filter removes Chlorine & Chemicals
  • Available with 1" BSP or Garden Hose Connections
  • 316 Stainless Steel Centre Joiners



Width: 680mm (Including Tubing from TDS Meter as Shown in photo)
Height: 670mm
Depth: 250mm

Max Pressure: 500 kPa (70 psi)
Max Flow: 20L/Min*
Rinse Flow: 7L/Min

Inlet: 1” BSP (Available With Garden Hose Fitting)
Outlet: 1” BPS (Available with Garden Hose Fitting)

Pre-Filter Service Life: 45,000L or 12 Months 
DI Service Life: Variable depending on incoming water quality
DI Volume: 4Kg – 5.5L (2Kg – 2.75L Per Cartridge)

Cartridge Size
Pre-Filter: 10” x 4.5” 
DI Filters: 20” x 4.5”

Certification: WaterMark Certified Housings