Undersink Multi-Media Water Filter System - Alkalising Media For Acidic Water

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Undersink Multi-Media Water Filter System - Alkalising Media For Acidic Water

WaterMark Certification

This Water Filtration Housing is certified to WaterMark Standards AS/NZS 3497 Under Certificate number 23247. WaterMark is the standard that is required by law for a qualified plumber in Australia to install any item on municipal town water. All products used under this certification will give you peace of mind knowing that your water filter complies with Australian plumbing codes.
Our WaterMark filtration systems are hand assembled here in Australia and are batch tested to ensure quality and workmanship for your filtration products.

Kit Contains:

  • GT8-11G - 10" x 4.5" Big Blue Filter Housing WaterMark Certified
  • GT4-14ALK - Multi-Media Alkaline Filter Cartridge
  • GT17-2S - Big Blue Opening Spanner
  • GT19-75 (x2) - 1" to 1/2" Reducing Bush
  • GT10-78LS (x2) - 1/2" Male to 3/8" Tube Elbow Fittings
  • GT10-30LS - 1/2" Female to 3/8" Tube Adaptor
  • GT10-79LS - 1/2" Male to 3/8" Tube Afaptor
  • GT20-14GW (2m) - 3/8" LLDPE Water Filtration Tubing
  • GT18-133/8 - 500 kPa Pressure Limiting Valve 3/8" Pushfit

Multi-Media Water Filter Cartridge

This Filter is designed to work as an inline water filter with a kitchen mixer tap (1/2"). It combines Remineralisation, Alkalising, Dirt Sediment Filtration, and also Coconut Carbon for Chemical Taste/Odour removal.

Best Suited to Rain Water Applications or water with low pH / Alkalinity


Size: 10" x 4.5"

Max Flow: 8L/Min
Filter Life: 6 - 12 Months

Stage 1

Maifan Mineral Stone

Maifan Stone (medicinal stone’ ’maifanshi’’) can improve the biological activity of the water with dissolved oxygen concentration. It enables the water degraded or do not have biological activity into water activated and had biological activity. Its replacement can remove harmful heavy metals, so the mineralized water produced by Maifan Stone is called "cell detergent”.

Maifan Stone has double adsorption. Maifan Stone has a strong adsorption ability to heavy metal ions and toxin in the water, it can reduce the concentrations of bacteria and inhibit its reproduction speed so it can remove mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals and chlorinated, and other harmful substances to purify water.

Maifan Stone has a function of two-way regulation of trace elements (microelements) and constant in water to reach the best balance of human body needed, so mineralized water and other relative products produced by Maifan Stone has obvious health effects.

Two-way regulation of water PH value:

Maifan Stone can raise PH value from 4 to about 7, which is raised to close to neutral or weak alkaline. The characteristics can use for the food industry to improve the water and food quality and health function.

Stage 2

Tourmaline Energy Balls

Tourmaline ceramic energy balls can release 0.06mA bioelectricity in the water and breakdown bigger molecule groups of water into smaller ones to activate the water. Eradiate more than 85% ~ 90% FIR (far infrared ray), Provide a pH of 7.5 – 8.5, antibacterial, and release mineral microelements.

Tourmaline ceramic energy balls will release two negative ions (hydroxyl ions and hydronium) which can turn red rust into black rust to protect the water pipes.

Tourmaline ceramic energy balls may improve atopic dermatitis while bathing. Water containing residual chlorine will stimulate the skin, tourmaline ceramic ball may stabilize the residual chlorine to reduce skin irritation, then you can enjoy bathing.

Calcium, magnesium, and silicon may no longer be attached on the inner wall of Hot Water System, it’s easy to clean, and prevent attachment emerging again after using of tourmaline ceramic ball.

Long-term drinking water treated by tourmaline ceramic ball, we can improve the body's resistance to harmful substances and natural cure.

Stage 3

FAR Infrared Balls

Far infrared ceramic ball can release weak electric current in the process of treating water, although this is very weak current (0.06 mA), but it’s same with the body's biological, which have a beneficial impact on human and other organisms, it has an effective adsorption of lead (Pb + +) Chromium (Cr + +) and other toxicity heavy metals. In the hydrolysis process, accompanied with physical and chemical change such as electrochemical, pool, adsorption and sedimentation, so far infrared ball has preventing enzymes and self-cleaning effect. Meanwhile, the far-infrared mineralization can release the far-infrared ray which can have resonance with water molecules, this enables the water into small molecule groups and increase the oxygen content of water.

Because of the high activity of negative oxygen ions, it has very strong oxidation-reduction function which can damage the cell membrane of bacteria and activity of the activity enzyme in cell protoplasts to reach antivirus purposes.

Long-term drinking water filtrated by this product, we not only can gain zinc lithium, iodine, selenium and other trace elements that our bodies needed, but also regulate organisms microcirculation, improve the body's immune capacity of a health care. The emission rate of FIR(far infrared ray) ceramic ball can reach more than 90%,more than 20 kinds of trace elements necessary for the human body will slowly and evenly released which makes more useful minerals for water.

Stage 4

Negative Ion Ball

Negative ion ceramic ball is made from natural stones through the nanometer processing which can be continuously produced negative ions, widely used in industry, food industry, water treatment, home and the environment clean.

Negative ion ceramic ball has smooth surface without dust and precipitates while dipping in water. Test proved that negative ions can release 1000 / CM3 ~ 20000/CM3 according to the different demand.

By adding negative ions ceramic ball in drinking water, the water can kill bacteria, increase dissolved oxygen, and activate water. Negative ion ceramic ball can also be used for water heaters in bathrooms to make oxygen-rich water and increase air negative ion concentration.

Stage 5

Acid Washed Coconut Carbon GAC

Our Acid Washed Carbon is a virgin 12x40 mesh granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell char by a high temperature steam activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, excellent pore volume and chemical stability that make it ideal for many liquid phase applications. Finally, the product is acid-washed to reduce ash and enhance purity.

Coconut Carbon removes Chemicals, Chlorine Taste & Odour, Some Tannins, and VOC's in water.

Stage 6

5uM Polypropylene Spun Sediment Filter

These economical "FSA" PERFORMANCE sediment cartridges are constructed from polypropylene which is spun and melted simultaneously. This technique means there is no centre core to restrict filter performance. The "FSA" series of sediment filters are compatible with most liquids and are highly effective for sediment, rust, sand, silt, and algae removal. "FSA" performance sediment filters have no chemical residuals. They are extremely high performing , carry a heavy load of sediment before requiring replacement. We choose to use these sediment filters over all other types due to the high performance , high flow rate, high load capacity, and there inability to grow bacterial slime.


Height: 365mm
Width: 190mm

Measurements of housing only, not including reducers or fittings.