Single Stage Counter Top Water Filter System + Choice of filter cartridge.

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Single Stage Counter Top Water Filter System + Choice of filter cartridge.

A portable and easy to install benchtop water filter for a fraction of a cost and you get clean drinking water right from your tap in no time.

  • Diverter suits most taps
  • Comes with tap adapters and your choice of:

    • 0.5 micron Coconut Carbon Block (Silver Impregnated) or
    • 0.5 micron 100% Coconut Carbon cartridge or
    • 0.1 micron Hollow-fibre carbon filter

It also includes all fittings required to do your own installation! 

Filter Cartridge Choices:


This Silver Impregnated Carbon is a block filter with the ability to filter down to 0.5 micron. 

This filter is similar to the H2-BLUE 100% Coconut Carbon Filter (GT4-6), but is impregnated with silver for the added benefits of carbon AND the bacteriostatic properties of silver impregnation.

Whilst carbon effectively removes odors and taste issues from water, it will leave behind microscopic metal compounds in the form of minute ash/dust particles, which in turn prove to be a source of nourishment for bacteria. This bacteria feeds off the nutrients in the insoluble ash and can then be flushed into the drinking water supply. 

Silver Impregnated Carbon is proven to stop the growth of ash/dust fed bacteria


Filtration Process:

When a cell of bacteria is absorbed into the carbon's structure, it comes into contact with silver ions.
The sulphurhydryl group already within the bacterial cell reacts with the silver, producing a silver sulphur complex.

The complex immobilizes the respiratory activity of the bacterial cell by preventing the transfer of hydrogen and an oxidative reaction.

The cell cannot reproduce and dies, reducing the risk of gastro illness by ingesting bacteria.


Several factors need to be considered when recommending silver impregnated carbon for use in bacteriostatic filters.

Coconut Carbon is rated to be one of the best base materials used in today's market.

Coconut Carbon provides a much higher volume of micropores than coal, wood or lignite based carbon. Thus, resulting in a more effective removal of trihalomethanes (THM's) from municipal water supplies. The larger surface area provides a more effective method of filtering common contaminates such as chlorine and chloramines. The unique raw material of the coconut shell and the carbon manufacturing process ensures exceptional hardness and low ash content.



The perfect carbon block filter is made from 100% Coconut Shell Carbon, which creates what many believe to be sweeter tasting water. The unique pore structure of this carbon is well suited for chemical absorption, including VOC's, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor.

This high quality 100% Coconut Carbon filter is the exact filter we use as our frontline carbon filter. As a rule, it is difficult to find 100% coconut carbon filters. Most lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal-based carbon. The problem with coal-based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavor. We use this 100% coconut carbon filter in all of our pre-assembled kits.

These are top of the range HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters are ideal for taste and odor issues, and perfect for total extraction of town water chemicals. TOP OF THE RANGE 100% coconut carbon, this particular filter is currently supplied throughout the European market as a premium drinking water filter. As the Exclusive importer to Australia, we are in a prime position to offer you this high-quality filter at rock bottom prices, direct from importer to the public.

It contains Poly Propylene ends and meshing rather than rubber. (Rubber has a tendency to harbor bacteria). Poly Propylene is designed with this in mind, resulting in a long life and pure water. NO BAD SMELLS OR TASTES. This filter is truely as good as it gets!


High chlorine, taste & odour reduction
No release of carbon fines
Low pressure drop
0.5 micron filtration


0.1 Micron (Hollowfibre Core)

Ultra fine filtration is here and changing the way we filter water. The  ability to filter water right down to 0.1 micron, takes away the need for powered  U/V appliances. This is of particular relevance in older homes where power points are not  readily found under sinks.

UF - HF (Ultra Fine Hollow Fibre) filtration is wide spread in  commercial applications, where they can be backwashed and re-used. However  given the domestic nature of residential drinking water filtration, backwashing isn't  viable - particularly now that the prices for this type of filtration have dropped to  reasonable values. The price drop is all thanks to the ever growing demand of this revolutionary new filtration option.

This Filter has a  multitude of applications from retrofitting to standard twin system or stand  alone filtering for camper van, caravan, and motor homes. This filter delivers safe water regardless of the water supply it is being used on at the time.This  is not reverse osmosis so there is no waste water but you still obtain 0.01  micron filtering.

We have designed these in an "outside -in"  direction so the  life of the filter is enormously extended, but like all filtration the  dirtier the water, the faster the cartridge will expire. 

Filters to 0.1 Micron
Blocks Giardia and Crypto (which are commonly found in tank & non-municipal supplies)
Eliminates the need for costly U/V Light Systems 
No waste water produced (unlike Reverse Osmosis Systems)
In-expensive to replace

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