Puretron Hydrogen Rich Water Filter (GT6-32)

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Puretron Hydrogen Rich Water Filter (GT6-32)

T300 Script

This Filter is the Ultimate Post RO filter on the market. It is one of the only alkalising filters in the world that can raise and retain a constant pH between 8.5 and 9.5 over a 12 Month Period and potentially longer. This unique cartridge is made up from pure Sub-nanometer minerals and contains pure Magnesium to provide a superior pH stability in the high alkaline range.
This High Quality, FDA Certified Cartridge has multiple beneficial effects on Drinking Water.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water:

Hydrogen Rich water has been the topic of Discussion and Research in the US for several years which has come a long way. Hydrogen functions as an antioxidant that helps to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA and combat out of control cell growth.
The issue with H20 is that the Hydrogen is not easily available to the body as the hydrogen is bonded to the oxygen leaving no Free Hydrogen. The point of Hydrogen-Rich water is to provide Hydrogen that is easier for our cells to use.
Hydrogen-Rich water is created through a simple chemical reaction between water and Magnesium.

Hydrogen Rich water has shown benefits through aiding the prevention of Metabolic Syndrome, Improved health in Diabetes & Prediabetes Patients through lowering LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels and improved glucose metabolism.

The effects of Hydrogen-Rich water has also shown in studies to ease the negative side effects of radiation treatment for cancer patients.

Upgrading your current system:

If you currently have a Reverse Osmosis System, you can use this cartridge in place of your current post filter to produce Hydrogen Rich, High Alkaline Water. The Cartridge is the same size as typical RO post filters and uses ¼” ports & ¼” tubing.



Made from pure Magnesium

Certification 2008 FDA No. 163-28666-872

Service Life: 12 Months or 4,000L

Max Flow: 2.8L/Min

Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Max Temp: 55°C