Fridge Filter Fits LG GF-5D712SL GF-AD701SL LT800P LT800-P ADQ73613401 30-13LG

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Fridge Filter Fits LG GF-5D712SL GF-AD701SL LT800P LT800-P ADQ73613401 30-13LG

Drink Up LT800P Refrigerator Filter

Replaces the Following Part Numbers

LT800P LT-800P ADQ73613401 ADQ73613401-S

What Makes DrinkUp Filters The BEST Fridge Filters

This is a quality Drink Up fridge filter and will replace most internal LG fridge filters (see short description above).

We cannot stress how important it is to you and your family's health to have a quality fridge filter such as this one rather than a lot of the cheaper un-certified imports floating around eBay these days. The unbranded versions of this filter have weaker plastic and coal-based carbon that has the potential to rust and release heavy poisonous metals back into the water. Drink Up fridge filters however are 100% coconut carbon which is organic and cannot create this problem.

This Drink Up refrigerator water filter contains a compressed carbon block which provides tremendous capacity to remove and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water. The carbon block has millions of active sites on its surface and within the structure which can absorb impurities like a sponge, and can adsorb and hold other types of impurities on its surface like a magnet. Additionally, this filter can catalytically breakdown other impurities very similar to the way a catalytic converter works in your automobile. These processes ensure that you are getting the cleanest and best tasting water possible.

Filter Features

  • Economical alternative to expensive substitutes
  • Delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great
  • Will remove or reduce Chlorine, Tastes and Odors that may be present in your drinking water
  • Designed to provide up to six months approx of life
  • Reduced Lead and Other dangerous Heavy Metals
  • Compliant to NSF/ANSI 42 (For materials requirements only)
  • Performance Tested By WQA & Compliant to NSF/ANSI 53 For Reduction Of Heavy Metals, Cysts & VOC's

This filter should not be used with water that is micro-biologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter.


LMXS30776S, LMXS30746S, LMXC24746S, LSC22991ST, LSXS26466S, LSXS26366S, LSXS26326S, LSXS26326W, LSXS26326B, LSXS22423S,, LSXS22423W, LSXS22423B, GF-5D712SL, GF5D712SL,, GL-5D712SL, GF-AD701SL, GF-AD910SL, GF-5D712SL48231786195, ADQ73613401, ADQ73613401, ADQ-73613401, ADQ72910901,, 4609490000, LT800-P, ADQ73613401-S, ADQ73613403, LT-800P, ADQ32617801, ADQ73613401, ADQ32617703, LGGGEN11042FR-08


  1. Press button to open the filter cover.
  2. pull the old filter cartridge downward.
  3. remove and discard.
  4. hold the cartridge horizontally and push into the manifold until it stops.
  5. push filter up firmly until you cannot push up any further.
  6. push filter cover until it clicks into place.
  7. run water for 5 minutes to purge the system. Sputtering may occur which is normal.

NOTE: Some noise is not uncommon as air is purged from the system.

RESETTING YOUR FILTER CHANGE LIGHT:- Press and Hold the RESET button for 3 seconds

Specifications and Instructions:

Flush approx 15L of water through this water filter cartridge before use. Replace Every 6 Months.

Flow Rate: 1.9L/Min
Operating Temperature: 0.6°C - 38°C
Min Operation Pressure: 207kPa (30 psi)
Max Operating Pressure: 862kPa (125 psi)
Filter Life: 6 Months or 1,150L

Reduces the Following:

95.20% Of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D)
99% Of Asbestos
94.70% Of Atrazine
96.70% Of Benzene
98.10% Of Carbofuran
97.20% Of Chlorine Taste & Odour
99.99% Of Cysts (Including Giardia)
99.80% Of Dichlorobenzene
99.30% Of Lead at pH 6.5 and 8.5
98.20% Of Lindane
96.10% Of Mercury at pH 6.5
90.10% Of Mercury at pH 8.5
98.70% Of Class 1 Particulates
93.00% Of Toxaphene