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NEW Shower filter with patented KDF-55 media

You might ask why we have this new shower filter when we already have a very successful  range.

The old adage that shower filters “aint” shower filters applies in this situation, I’ll do my best to explain.

New regulation in Australia means that hot water systems now, do have, or should have, a tempering valve to regulate the temperature of water into a home, to avoid children scolding themselves.

The problem with these tempering valves is that they were never designed to handle pressure variation. They are first and foremost a temperature regulator.

There are some very good quality shower filters on the market that work extremely well, most of the good brands have a larger quantity of KDF media and less carbon, due to use in hot water shower situations.

Now to my point....

KDF is a media made primarily from copper and zinc which are the two heaviest and dense metals in the world. Because they are metals and don’t wear out, they produce a kinetic reaction that has  the effect of neutralising Chlorine to very high standards.

What can exhaust a KDF filter is a build-up of materials that bond the two metals, this slows the kinetic reaction, and in some less favourable water end the life of KDF fairly quickly .

Not only is KDF heavy and dense it’s also the most expensive filter media in the world but unfortunately it’s needed in hot water situations.

I can’t speak for all the systems on the market. But our experience with most of the more expensive brands that use a lot of KDF, apart from being very expensive, is that they are also very dense which places a high degree of back pressure on the hot water tempering valve.

The result of this can be the inability to stabilise the temperature of the water under the shower. In short, the tempering valve becomes confused and continues switching from hot to cold, which isn’t a pleasant situation when you are in the shower .

I have had personal experience with this, to the point my wife insisted I remove the  shower filter completely….  So I removed the tempering valve instead. Because I’m chemical intolerant, I need the shower filter more than I need the tempering valve.

I then set about finding a shower filter that didn’t create too much back pressure, and these are our current White shower filters GT39-5 & GT39-6.

These have served us well for a number of years, but the down side of these shower filters is that they have more carbon and less KDF so they don’t last as long in hot water as the more expensive brands that use more KDF and less carbon.

But the up side is that we have never had a back pressure issue since changing to these filters and all we do is change the cartridge at 3- 4 months rather than 6 -12 months.

Now we have this shower filter which has the “more KDF”  and less carbon, coupled with the low back pressure. It’s taken some time for manufacturers to get the idea, but we are somewhat over regulated in Australia with plumbing standards and I suspect these issues haven’t been too well known overseas.

So it’s all about choice now, we have the cheaper shower filter with a shorter life  or this new shower filter with “more KDF” and longer life (but also a low back pressure rating)

Whichever way you choose we have it covered, but my recommendation based on being an end user that relies on chemical extraction, I highly recommend you pay a little extra and use this filter for longer life, less back pressure and a higher level of chemical extraction.

Fits to international standard shower head.


Removes Chlorine up to 98%

Removes Heavy metal up to 99%

Removes sediment and odour up to 95%

Releases negative ion

Softens the water

Filter capacity  60,000 litres

Expected life  4-6 months

Max. flow 5-10 litres p/m

Water pressure 20-80 psi

Water temp. Hot/Cold  5-75* C

Dimensions  H 13.1cm x W 7.7cm