50GPD Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Filter System | 0 TDS

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50GPD Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Filter System | 0 TDS

Quick Overview
  • Portable Filter For Aquariums
  • Suits Both Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums
  • 'Zero' TDS Filter - 100% Pure
  • Laboratory Nuclear Grade De-Ionising Resin
  • Connects to Standard Kitchen Taps

Portable Reverse Osmosis De-Ionised Water Filter System

The GT1-70DI is a Portable RO DI system is great for those looking for deionised “0 TDS” water. Weather you are looking to produce water for your aquarium or even lab grade water this is the system for you. No equipment is more effective in creating the ideal water conditions than a Reverse osmosis (RO) system

Ion exchange technology takes the water quality to a significantly higher level than RO alone.  It is an excellent selection for reef enthusiasts and other serious aquarists, especially those who live in areas with exceptionally high levels of minerals, salts and phosphates in their tap water. Our unit includes: Carbon pre-filter and a 50 GPD RO membrane, Deionisation (DI) post-filters. The post deioniser takes the small percentage of contaminants that the membrane could not remove and filters this to greater than 99.99% purity. It will provide you with a TDS of zero.

Yes, there are cheaper systems on the market to produce DI quality water for your aquarium.  However when you look closely at these systems you will note the following.

  • Small DI canisters which hold very little DI resin, Di resin expires fairly quickly particularly on high TDS water like Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. The higher the TDS the higher the residual percentage of TDS left by the RO. The purpose of the DI filter is to polish the water to pick up any residual TDS (salts) left after the RO membrane.
  • The higher the residual, the harder the DI works, and quicker it expires.
  • Our system holds 350gm of nuclear grade Tulsion resin the best in the world. Most other system are only offering less than 200 grams.


  • Compact Design - Minimise Space for Both Use and Storage
  • Completely Pre-Assembled
  • Plug And Play - Connects Straight to any standard Kitchen Tap (22-24mm)
  • Includes Male Thread adaptor
  • Low Waste Water - Averaging 1:1 on average municipal water quality & Pressure)
  • Instructions Included
  • Deionised “ 0 TDS” Ultra pure water


  • Pure Water, Removes all the garbage including: Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Chloramines & VOC's, Hardness & Inorganic Mineral Contamination
  • Produces approx 190L/Day (Per 24hr)

Our Thoughts On Fluoride

Fluoride is a hot topic all across Australia and the entire world. Unfortunately, whether or not you agree or disagree with the Fluoridation of Drinking Water, it is there!

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is the safest and most effective solution to remove Fluoride from your drinking water. Fluoride is a proven neurotoxin shown in countless credible studies in the US. The claimed dental health benefits are irrelevant compared to the known and proven correlation between fluoridated water and Chronic Disease.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration is able to remove Fluoride from the water as it is a Mineral Salt. Mineral salts will pass straight through standard filtration however the 0.0001 Micron RO membranes are able to remove Fluoride along with other impurities in the water.

Kit Contains

  • Inline Coconut Carbon Filter 5uM
  • Inline Tulsion Mixed Bed Resin DI Post Filter
  • 50 GPD Asprinn Membrane
  • Inlet 22-24mm diverter valve
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tubing, Clamps & Fittings (Pre-Assembled as per photo)


pH: 6.5-6.98, please note that you will need a highly accurate pH probe that can be calibrated to test this water as it has no TDS. You cannot use pH test strips

Flow: 8-10L/Hour

Drain Flow: 8-10L/Hour

System Weight

Dry - 1.5Kg

System Dimensions (Approx)

Height: 10cm Width: 35cm Length: 25cm

NOTE: The diverter valve supplied with this unit suits MOST common standard kitchen taps. If you have a tap with a thread that does not measure 22mm - 24mm the standard diverter valve will not be compatible.

HOWEVER, if this is the case we have an alternate fitting we can supply you which allows it to be connected to an outdoor 3/4" thread OR the Laundry water inlet (3/4") this is usually the most preferred method of using this system. PLEASE ensure that you have checked your thread before ordering, if you require the 3/4" fitting, please use the check boxes in the listing to select which fitting you require

Stage 1: GAC Inline Carbon Cartridge – replace every 6 months

This 5 micron inline carbon filter acts to protect the stage two membrane. It will remove the vast quantity of any taste odour or chemicals in the water and help to prolong the life of the membrane.

Stage 2: Asprinn 50GPD RO Membrane (FilmTec Material) - replace every 1 – 4 years

Removes 98% of impurities including organic and inorganic, chemicals. The membrane, is the "engine room" of the reverse osmosis filtration system. All the work is done here, so all the filters before the membrane are primarily there to protect the engine. This membrane will produce up to 50GPD (190L/24hr) of clear pure water @ 70psi within the working feed water quality requirements.

Stage 3: Inline Post RO Deionising Filter GT6-22– replace every 12 months* or if TDS is creeping sooner

DI Resin Inline filter for total extraction of minerals. Tulsion Mixed Bed De-Ionising Resin MB-115, the most effect de-ionising resin in the world