Compact Plumbed In Reverse Osmosis Water Filter | pH Neutral 1-70 Compact

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Compact Plumbed In Reverse Osmosis Water Filter | pH Neutral 1-70 Compact



Stage 1: 5 Micron GAC Carbon Filter Lasts 6 Months. 
Stage 2: 50 GPD Low Pressure Membrane - Lasta 1 to 4 Years
Stage 3: pH Neutralizing Calcite Carbon Filter. Lasts 12 Months.

For a long time there has been a call for a compact Reverse Osmosis System to suit installation in areas with limited space or caravans.
In the past we have discouraged these system from being installed because of excessive vibrations and the potential for leaking (or damage) to components.

Instead we have recommended using portable RO's that are not used inside but rather outside where water overflows etc can't cause any damage.
The call recently has been for RO's to be more more compact and fully automatic which means they need to be a permanent fixture (installed).
Modern connectors and quality component now make it possible for this to become reality. We have done away with the removable screw off housings which were notorious for vibrating off in transit.

We have replaced them with fully sealed inline filters, changed all the connectors from screw jaco style to push connectors so they cannot work loose, then made some healthy changes to the finished product.

As you read through the features I'm sure you will agree that finally technology has permitted us to offer a safe (dry) method for producing reverse osmosis water automatically and safely in the confines of your caravan / motor home.

In keeping with it's two big brothers the 1-26 7 Stage RO & the 1-70 Shuttle RO we are pleased to introduce the NEW

Compact Reverse Osmosis System
1/ Dimensions

Weight 1.59 kgs (Dry) 
Length: 34cm 
Compressed width: 15cm 
Tank height: 34cm 
Tank diameter: 23cm
2/ pH neutral final carbon filter Exclusive! 
This is a new feature to our RO range. We are all aware that RO water can be, and often does produce acidic water, this is when the pH of the water is lower than 7 pH.

This filter is the final stage before drinking and combines the benefit of coconut carbon for taste and odour with pH neutralizing calcite marble, a natural store that raised pH as the water passes over the stone. From this we can guarantee you safe pH neutral fresh healthy water.
3/ Magnetic Treatment
On the way from the final carbon filter the water passes through a negative magnetic field which activates the water for further health advantages. This has been used in our 6 & 7 stage system for years with rave reviews and stories of great health advantage from people with all sorts of health inflictions - from arthritis to cancer sufferers. An important factor in health and well-being is water consumption, and the fact is that if the water is fresh and clean, people will drink more of it.

Negative Magnetic Treatment
We are the leaders in Magnetic Water Treatment System in Australia, exporting our Fluid Reactor Magnetic Systems to 8 countries around the world. 

We have not promoted or actively been involved in the Health Industry because of our commitments to our core Water Treatment and Filtration business. However, once again we have been encouraged to build and supply negative Magnetic Water Treatments for human consumption and the evidence has been overwhelmingly positive.

Magnetic energy is widely used in Water Treatment and we helped pioneer this technology in Australia. This inevitably led us to develop and supply a technology called negative defusing technology, meaning that when put it in reverse it activates negative energy into drinking water. 
So many customers have benefited from this technology, reducing the symptoms of kidney stones and calcification of the arteries, along with so many other advantages in drinking negatively charged water.

4/ Compact Compact Compact !!!
We have made this system as compact as possible given the futures it offers it's a fantastic space saver. The tank has been reduce from 12 lt to 8 lts. It's made of steel so it's impossible to damage, just be sure you have it appropriately secured, as undoubtedly if it's full of water it will pack a punch if it gets loose. We called the system the compact for this very reason, we recognize the importance of space saving in this environment.
5/ Competitive
Just because it's small doesn't mean it produces a less effective result, in fact quite the opposite. The membrane used in this system is probably the most successful ever made. The results with this system will equal of better that of any other system on the market for any amount of money you might decide to spend, so we we are confident to stack this Compact system against anything on the market.
6/ Low Pressure Membrane
Probably the most successful membrane ever made. Most membrane including those used in our 6 & 7 stage system only function from 40 psi upwards. In a van situation this means your pump may be working over time cutting in and out . Also many low pressure pumps have trouble maintaining a high enough pressure to make standard membranes work effectively.

The 13-3LP Low Pressure Membrane has been purpose built to operate in low pressure situations from 20 psi to 120 psi. It's the Commando of the membrane world if you like, Because of the extra cost of these membranes we don't use them as our mainstream membrane. However they are purpose built for this particular application and well worth the extra few dollars.
7/ Drain valve
We have been researching and working hard of eliminating the waist waist water from RO system. Even though waist is a fact of life with RO we have managed to reduce waist to 50/ 50 (variable) The drain valve we use is a 200cc valve which helps keep back pressure on the membrane and reduce wastage. Most competitor systems use valve varying from 250 - 400 with a waist ratio fro 2 -1 to 6-1.
8/ Back up service
We build the RO's we market them we service them we know them inside and out, contact us anywhere any time.
9/ Water production
at a constant 45 psi you could expect to produce about 8.30 lph , the bottle holds 8 lts so as soon as you extract water from the tank it automatically begins producing and refilling the tank
10/ Service life of cartridges
1st Stage - Carbon. Replace every 6 months 
2nd Stage - Membrane. Replace every 3 - 5 years, (pending water quality)
3rd Stage - Carbon Neutralising Cartridge. Replace every 12 months
Note: We realize also that holiday makers come and go , several weeks on the road and several back home so considering the small size of the Compact RO , it's possible to disconnect the system while it's not in use, store the complete system in the fridge ready for the next outing, this will extend the life of the carbon cartridge.
11/ Australian Standard Approval

Ordinarily we send our new systems off to a Nata Approved laboratory testing serves for Australian standard approval, however give this is designed for people with tight spaces as well as caravans / motor home, there are not standard applicable so we don't have the need to testing so the these costs are passed on to you.