5 Stage Quick Change Alkaline Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

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5 Stage Quick Change Alkaline Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

Quick Overview
  • WaterMark Certified Undersink Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • High Quality, pH Neutral Drinking Water
  • Calcium Remineralisation for pH Neutral water 
  • Components Compliant to NSF/ANSI 42
  • Quick Change Technology 


This RO system is certified to WaterMark Standards AS/NZS 3497 Under the Certificate number 022780. WaterMark certification is the level of certification required by law for a licensed plumber in Australia to install a water filter system. All products used under this certification will give you peace of mind knowing that your water filter complies with Australian plumbing codes.

New Features Include

  • 5 stages of filtration
  • Quick Change Filter Technology
  • NEW 50GPD Quick Change Membrane -Filmtec
  • DM Fit Entry Tee Valve - Self Locking
  • Modern Goose Neck Faucet
  • Inline Check Valve + 4 Way Shut Off
  • Colour Coded Tubing for Easy Installation

NEW 5 Stage Quick Change Alkaline RO Water Filter

The Lan Shan LRSO-EQ5AN is a small and compact quick-change reverse osmosis system featuring a full 5 stage filter configuration. The quick-change system simplifies filter changes allowing almost anyone to do their own filter changes – no more expensive call out fees as you simply twist the filters to remove and install its that easy.

Kit Contains

  • 5 Stage Watermark Certified RO System
  • Filters Included
  • 12L Storage Tank
  • 2m White Tubing
  • 2m Black Tubing
  • 2m Blue Tubing
  • Inlet Water Valve
  • 4 x Stem Elbow Fittings
  • Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Goose Neck Faucet
  • 50mm Adjustable Drain Saddle 


pH: 7-7.5 when filter stabilises 

Flow: 8-10L/Hour

Drain Flow: 12-16L/Hour

System Weight

Dry - 3Kg

System Dimensions (Approx):

Height: 37cm Width: 21cm Length: 26cm

Tank Dimensions/Capacity

Height : 42cm Width: 29cm / 12 Litre

Filter System Stage Breakdown

Stage 1: ST-01 1uM Sediment QC Cartridge – Replace Every 6 Months

Quick Change 1uM Sediment filter to help protect the more expensive carbon filter and reverse osmosis membrane filters, 100% melt blow Polypropylene fibre

Stage 2:ST-33 GAC QC Cartridge   – Replace every 6 months – NSF 61

This quick change pre carbon filter which is made of granular activated carbon removes chlorine to protect RO membranes and absorbs harmful organic chemicals in feed water, the most important filter should always be a Carbon Filter to protect the life of the membrane.  This should then prolong your membrane life (the membrane is your most expensive and crucial component) for a life of up to 5 years (depending on location/water).

Stage 3: ST-CTO 5uM Coconut Carbon QC Cartridge – Replace every 12 months

This quick change pre carbon filter which is made of coconut carbon block and removes chlorine to protect RO membranes and absorbs harmful organic chemicals in feed water, the most important filter should always be a Carbon Filter to protect the life of the membrane.  This should then prolong your membrane life (the membrane is your most expensive and crucial component) for a life of up to 5 years (depending on location/water).

Stage 4: ST-RO50 50GPD QC RO Membrane Cartridge (Filmtec) – Replace every 2 years – NSF 58

The RO membrane is the "engine room" of your R/O. All the crucial work is done here, so all the filters before the membrane are primarily there to protect the membrane.  This membrane is a 0.00001-micron rating. It is classed by the manufacturer to be a U.S 50 gallon per day membrane (190 Litres).

Stage 5: ST-34ALK GAC Coconut Carbon/Alkalising Post Filter – Replace every 12 Months -NSF 42 /61

Extremely high-grade coconut carbon cartridge for maximum extraction of taste or odour issues. Final calcite (CaCO³) stage to raise the pH of the acidic RO water to a balanced state. The trace amount of calcium used is enough to neutralise the water, but not so much as to create calcium hardness issues in the water.

Our Thoughts on Fluoride

Fluoride is a hot topic all across Australia and the entire world. Unfortunately, whether or not you agree or disagree with the Fluoridation of Drinking Water, it is there!

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is the safest and most effective solution to remove Fluoride from your drinking water. Fluoride is a proven neurotoxin shown in countless credible studies in the US. The claimed dental health benefits are irrelevant compared to the known and proven correlation between fluoridated water and Chronic Disease.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration is able to remove Fluoride from the water as it is a Mineral Salt. Mineral salts will pass straight through standard filtration however the 0.0001 Micron RO membranes are able to remove Fluoride along with other impurities in the water.

The Misconception of “Re-Mineralising & Alkalising”

Reverse Osmosis water filtration comes with an ongoing debate in regards to the statements “RO water is too pure” and “RO removes minerals that are beneficial and essential for health” Both of these statements are deceptive and to the everyday person sounds like fact, but please let us explain both of these statements. The misconception being water that is “Too Pure” is all to do with the pH of the water (although the “experts” will state things much more dramatically). Water that is “too pure” simply is water that contains little to no minerals and impurities. However, this can leave the water acidic which is not ideal for drinking. The solution, use an alkalising or pH neutralising filter. This is where the word "valuable minerals" has crept into the selling of Reverse Osmosis filtration by sellers that are not equipped with the appropriate knowledge.  In fact, minerals are only valuable when they are IN our bodies, and the way they get there is through organic food intake - not inorganically. Water Filtration uses Inorganic methods, so any mention of "re-mineralizing" the water through water filtration is simply not a process that is benefiting our bodies at all. More of which will be explained later.  A study in the US (which cost manufacturers many millions of dollars) showed a massive increase in total dissolved solids (TDS) in patients’ urine, when drinking water with a pH of below 7 (i.e. acidic water).  The two main culprits for water having a pH of lower than 7 are:  1. Reverse Osmosis  2. Water Distillers for drinking water  Other substances causing a low pH are soft drinks and alcohol.  Once minerals are extracted from water, the chemistry of water adjusts violently to become acidic. This happens because the buffers in the water that generally act to prevent this adjustment have been removed.  An interesting fact is that rain water that is near pure is also very acidic until it reaches the ground – once it reaches the ground it begins to dissolve minerals from the earth, this in turn balances the pH (the chemistry of the water).  Many very clean catchments such as roof tops and clean gutters, first flush diverters and poly tanks are extremely good at keeping water clean - however a trade-off for this is that the water could and most often does remain acidic.  If you have a dirty roof or a contaminated tank, the pH will rise and no longer be aggressive (acidic) but at a price – such as through other peripheral problems like fermentation of organics etc.  Back onto the topic at hand, it’s important that we make a stand and explain that there are no such thing as valuable minerals in drinking water unless they are organic, and organic materials are generally not used for correcting low pH water.  Almost all (barring a couple of exotic and expensive alternatives) pH Neutralising cartridges are made from inorganic material like rock (commonly known as mineral stones).  These inorganic materials release either calcium or magnesium into the water, however these types of minerals are inorganic, not organic - so it's difficult for the body to absorb them or make any use of them at all.  So, in a nut shell, the words 'valuable minerals' is not relevant to post RO pH correction.  Filter Systems Australia does not deal in myths and magic. There are people selling all sorts of "living water products", with all sorts of mythical results, but consider this:  The body needs hydration plain and simple. Now that is pure logic - not sales talk. The best form of hydration is clean, chemical free and impurity free H2O. Exactly as nature intended.  However, a down side to producing this sort of water is that stripping the water as we do, causes the water to become acidic again (back to its rain water condition). So, what's needed at this point is a trade-off...  To produce non-acidic water we need to add back some mineral, this is where the misconception arises. These are non-organic minerals, therefore not valuable to your bodies health, but valuable in the fact that it's achieving a balanced pH - which is vital to your health.

With all of this said, we have once again taken things a step further by producing a system that ticks all the health boxes. You get Alkaline Water, Chemical and Toxin Free, Fluoride Free, Great tasting water.

For Further Specifications and Measurements - See Specifications Tab