5 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis System - Clean Pure RO-2000

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5 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis System - Clean Pure RO-2000

* Storage tanks for RO systems require air to create pressure at the faucet. The actual water volume will vary depending on water pressure and other variables at the time and will be approximately 50-60% of the tank’s capacity.
Reverse Osmosis water filter systems deliver the highest quality of filtered water at the tap for you and your family to enjoy clean, filtered water 24 hours a day. Clean Pure’s RO-2000 5-stage compact reverse osmosis water filter system is an elegant compact design suitable for wall hanging or under-sink installations. It is easy to install and includes all 5 filter cartridges inside a stylish case and a 14-liter holding tank.
  • The first stage filters water through a polypropylene (PP) filter to remove larger particles like dirt and rust.
  • The second stage Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter is a finer grade filter and removes chemical contaminants like chlorine and VOCs.
  • The third stage filter ensures that chemicals and volatile organic compounds that escaped the second stage are stopped to further remove odor and bad taste.
  • In the fourth stage, the reverse osmosis membrane filters out dissolved impurities, minerals, microscopic organisms, bacteria, and viruses before storing the water in a holding tank to reduce waiting at the tap when filtered water is required.
  • In the final stage, the water from the tank travels through a post-RO activated carbon filter as an extra level of protection before reaching the tap.


    Warning: Failure to replace filter cartridges may result in bacteria growth affecting water quality, blocked water flow, pump overload or system failure

    Safety Information:

    RO-2000 Compact Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is designed to be permanently connected to a home plumbing system. The appliance should be connected to a municipal water supply only, and only under the following conditions:

    • Water Condition:
      Do not use the filter system where water is microbiologically unsafe or the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is above 2,000 ppm.
    • Water Temperature:
      Use the unit with cold water only. Do not filter water with a temperature higher than 38°C.
    • Water Pressure:
      60~80 psi. If the water pressure at your premises exceeds 80psi (550kpa) please install a pressure limiting valve on the water inlet or damage to the system may result.
    • Installation Location:
      To prevent damage to electrical components, do not install the filter system in a location with high humidity.
      Do not install the filter system in a location in direct sunlight or other light sources.
      Do not spray water or any liquid on the filter system.