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Invest in your Health

Good Day All, It is John here from the Z&M Group. First of all I want to thank you for visiting us today and having a look at what we have to offer I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful and long lasting relationship. :-)

I am sure you all heard the saying before that "If you have not got health you have nothing" and "You are what you eat" and drink of course. We all remember days when we are unhealthy, sick, or came down with the flu. I clearly remember that when I am not 100% well..., I don't care about too much more than getting better.

We as a family believe that to live a long, healthy, good quality life we have to focus on a handful of things:

We have to

  • Drink clean, harmful chemical and toxin free water and a lot of it. You should not drink anything else but clean water. (maybe a coffee or a glass of wine here and there, but definitely no sugary drinks, poppers and bottled juices) Preferably from natural source or re-energized. Our body contains around 70% water. 
  • Eat fresh organic where possible whole food. From the local area where we live.
  • Spend time outdoors and get enough sunshine. Nature produces a lot of negative ions that are extremely beneficial for our mental health and well-being.
  • Move/exercise daily. It helps to relax, de-stress, re-energize your mind and body, helps to get rid of toxins and extends your life span. Muscles are good for you at any age but they come extra handy once you get older (over 40).

Buying things that makes you healthier is a real investment in your future. A good water-filter that cleans and recharges your tap water will make you healthier. In return you can work more, be sick less, get over sickness faster. You will feel stronger, your body will function on a higher level you will radiate health. Click Here to find our recommendations for water filter categories.